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In the middle of working on new tracks, KCK took a little break by covering the all-time favourite heavy metal classic Wild Child by W.A.S.P.

They released a new cover track and music video in March of 2021.

In March of 2021 KCK played a gig at Gigant Hall. It was filmed live, and the music video for Die Another Day was a result.

On the 9th of July 2021 KCK releases the new single "Ride into the Badlands" fully produced by the band.

On August 27 of 2021 the band releases interactive post-apocalyptic music video for "Ride into the Badlands", where you can choose the ending of the story. Watch it on YouTube or YouTube mobile app to get full experience.

On 9.12.21 KCK releases their new single "Children of the Dark" produced by L.A. based musician and producer Evan Rodaniche

It was followed by "Waking the Fallen" - the second single from the upcoming record.

The band keeps exploring new darker sound and image.

The horrible war in Ukraine drastically affected all local music scene.

KCK took the plunge to keep on recording new music no matter what.

On 28 July of 2022 KCK releases their first lyric ballad Stay.

Deep personal grief-driven lyrics accompanied by rich melodic background - this track became instant KCK classic within fan base.

To follow up a new metalcore essence in KCK music established with Children of the Dark, KCK releases Denial on 20, October.

Now, please, shut the hell up and let KCK kick some ass.

hard rockers from Kill City Kills blend heavy metal and classic rock riffs inspired by the golden era of the 80’s, with modern metal production and punches, resulting in their own melodic heavy metal style, standing somewhere in between Motley Crue and Children of Bodom, W.A.S.P and Avenged Sevenfold.

The band was formed by old friends Ellis Sylvain (vocals), Nikki Tishkov (guitars) and Andrew Sharapko (drums) back in 2017.

The idea was to make raw and outrageous riffing heavy metal with lyrics full of street romance praising rebel spirit.

In 2018 the band released their first EP “Straight from the Heart of Nowhere” which was produced by the band and mixed by mixing engineer Stacy O’Dell (Darkh, Killcode). At the same time, KCK released the music video for “Wild Brigade”.

EP was re-released a year after on Sliptrick Records in 2019. 

In 2019 the band launched the riffing competition to fill the place of the second guitarist.

That’s how KCK found a companion in the person of Roman Loshakov - talented guitarist and music producer from Saint-Petersburg. With new ally,  KCK locked itself up at the home studio to focus on research of the new sound and put their music production skill on the next level. The new line-up was tested in a string of live shows in the beginning of 2020

Out of a clear sky, KCK released the music video for “(Can You Hear) The Midnight Call” on 28.08.2020.

This track became an early bird from the album “Badlands I”, which was mixed and mastered by Cristoffer Borg (Amaranthe,

Art-Nation, Kee Marcello). On this record the band is going to show its new sound with the “take-no-prisoners” approach.

Bursting into 2021, the band released an apocalyptic music video for the track "Generation Babylon"

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